Monday, June 16, 2014

a fresh new start

Where to begin?

This is my maiden voyage into the world of blogging. I have wanted to start a blog of my own for some time now. The last decade of my life has brought me many blessings as well as tragedies and hardships. Reading the blogs of so many talented, strong and creative women has helped me find solace in the fact that there is beauty in the world and that life is what WE make it. I hope to have a place to share my thoughts and experiences as well as life's daily pleasures. A place I can reflect on as I continue to grow and live my life.

I am a 35 year old single mother of one. My soon-to-be eight year old daughter is the reason I try each day to be the best I can be, although some days that is simply getting the necessities taken care of. I have been separated from my husband for three years and our divorce was finalized this past March. Just three weeks ago I up and left the man who I thought I would share my life with. Turns out that the idea of who he was was actually much different than the real him. This is a painful time but one I am bound and determined to come out of stronger and happier than ever.

It is now time for me to re-focus on what is important in life. Loving myself, cherishing and enjoying my daughter, working hard and having a little fun along the way. I love to garden, knit and crochet, enjoy reading and photography and aspire to be a Jack of all trades in the world of crafting. This blog will be a little of all of those things and hopefully much more.


  1. Yay Julie! Keep going! It's scary isn't it but once you're in the swinf you'll love it. Thank you for stoppung by to say hello xxxx