Sunday, July 13, 2014

hot air balloon festival

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Well I have not gotten off to a very steady start here, but in my defense - things are a bit unsettled for me lately! I will work on some catch up posts and try to be a little more consistent.

Last month I visited the Quechee Balloon Festival with my sister and nieces. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I prefer June over any other month. There was a bit of wind causing lots of concern that the balloons would not take flight  - again! Apparently all of the scheduled launches had been cancelled due to windy conditions. Lucky for us, and those that had reserved their spot in a balloon, they achieved lift off, even though it was a couple of hours later then planned!

The field was full of balloons, all laid out in their geometric and colorful glory. We patiently waited for them to start filling...

The once large field was now covered in half filled balloons, waiting to take flight - here is the first one to get off the ground!

It was fairly intense standing so close to them all, my nieces were in complete awe!

Now, a decade or so ago, while I was living in Atlanta, my mother (who passed 9 years ago) and sister came to this very same festival and were able to get tickets to ride in one of the balloons. I was quite jealous at the time! The picture below shows the exact balloon they rode in, with the moon and stars at the top.

Sadly, something went wrong the day of the festival and they overbooked the balloon. My sister was telling me all about how mom was in tears, sobbing uncontrollably, and the event staff felt so badly that they gave her a gift certificate to come back another day along with bottles of wine, a dinner out, etc...

So, they went back another day and got their own private ride in this very balloon. My mother even submitted a photo to a photo contest and was published in a book! I will have to dig that up now that I am thinking of it. 
 The balloons took off one by one... these pictures really do it no justice... they never do!

 A good shot of a good amount of the balloons, there were many more...I can't remember exactly how many.

It was a beautiful day spent with my sister and her girls, my E was away on a vacation with her grandmother on Nantcuket, otherwise she would have been right there with me!


  1. the balloons look like crochet granny blankets to me. Beautiful colours.

    1. They really do! Inspiration is everywhere :)